Antoinette shares her traumatic car accident

By Nicolas L.

DENVER, Colorado. On Wednesday, December 14, 2016, Antoinette Marie Mendez, school security at Marie L. Greenwood  Academy, was interviewed at Ms Jones’ classroom. Antoinette shared her very traumatic story with a small group of middle schoolers. She described every question with many details and was a bit surprised with a few questions. One middle schooler asked her what was her scariest moment.

“It was being in a car accident, it was a hit and run, I was driving and the car was at full speed and it hit me, the car rolled. I had therapy to relearn to walk all over again,” said  Antoinette Marie Mendez, school security at Marie L. Greenwood Academy.

Ms. Antoinette traveled to Europe by herself and met a friend in England. Her favorite season is fall because of the change and  spring because the flowers bloom. Her favorite shopping stores are Ross and Burlington.

Ms. Antoinette’s favorite movie is “The Outsiders.” She has a fear of snakes and flying bugs.


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  1. Shot out to Ms. Jones Journalism class!!!

    You ALL were Rock Stars!!!
    Very professional and inviting when asking questons!!! I know all of you in that class will excel and do well!!
    Thank you, for taking the time to interview me and making me feel welcome!!! 🙂 .

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