Angelo interviews Ms. Didde

By Angelo P.

September 6, 2017

Who I wrote about was  Jennifer Didde, and she is a math teacher at Marie L. Greenwood for 8th graders. Jennifer Didde is 45 years old. We learned most of the things about her and why she moved to Greenwood. It was on September 6, 2017. She came into Ms. Jones’ classroom and we interviewed her. We interviewed her because we wanted to learn more about her and her childhood life. How it happened was that she came to the class and we interviewed her.   

“I would rather travel to the past,’’ said Mrs. Didde, math teacher at Greenwood. “I would rather travel to the past to spend time with my grandpa.”

She really likes to eat pizza and junk food from fast foods restaurants. She got bullied in elementary when she was ten.  She wanted to work as a nurse, but she got  scared of blood.  

“I like  to read and cook,” said Mrs. Didde. “I cook a lot of stuff.”


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