Mrs. McCafferty interviewed by Celest

By Celest W.

September 13, 2017

On September 6 , 2017, Mrs. McCafferty was interviewed. She is a school nurse at Greenwood Academy from Marion, Ohio. I learned things about Mrs. McCafferty. She likes going to the mountains. Her favorite game is Monopoly.

Mrs. McCafferty was interviewed in Ms. Jones’ classroom at Greenwood Academy. I interviewed Mrs. McCafferty to know what she is like, and also to know what she likes about her job. Mrs. McCafferty was in our classroom. We asked her some questions and connected with what she liked. She was sitting on a bench in the front of the classroom.

“My favorite movie would have to be Pocahontas,”  said Mrs. McCafferty, school nurse at Greenwood Academy. “Because of the way it is.”

Mrs. McCafferty loves to swim and hike. She likes the way the sunshine is when she hikes. Her favorite color is blue and she likes giraffes. Her biggest fear or pet peeve is her children getting sick. She loves them too much to get sick.

“I am afraid of my kids getting sick,” said Jennifer McCafferty, a nurse at Greenwood Academy. “I love them and I don’t want to see them sick.”


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